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Taffarel: Alisson is good enough to play for Real Madrid
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Brazil's legendary goalkeeper Claudio Taffarel believes that the country's current number one, Alisson, is good enough to play for Real Madrid.Taffarel, who represented Brazil at the 1994 World Cup, now coaches the goalkeepers of the national team and spoke to sbo168 about the Roma shot-stopper."If he leaves or not I don't know but he is ready to play at Real Madrid and in any team in the world," he said,"We knew about how good he was before the good run he is on at the moment. He is one of the best in the world."Navas is very good, it is logical that he is playing at Real Madrid and with the stars that are there it is possible for the goalkeeper to be ignored but he has made some good saves this season." Taffarel also explained why Valencia goalkeeper Neto was missing from the World Cup squad and Ederson and Cassio have been picked sbo168 instead."He has done well in LaLiga but not had a run necessary for the national team," he stated."Those that are going give us make us calm."Finally, he spoke about Neymar and what he can offer."He has developed a lot, each striker is different, they are special and you have to let it be like that," he continued."He is very relaxed and content and he doesn't need help from me or anyone." sbo168
Punch back! Ashley Park is also hurt after being beaten before the match in IG.

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เว็บ แทง บอลMohamed Salah, Liverpool forward, hammering Ashley back to Manchester United's injury.
Through the Instagram The Red Devils fall to the Champions League, which is considered a return.
After the match before the tease before the game after a red boil over the weekend.
This is the first time that Salah has done so well in the game they both met.
Post a story in the Internet. The message is that the Egyptian football. "Quit asking me!
Now I do not keep him with me. เว็บ แทง บอล I swear it was a little "
Then when Manchester United fell to the Champions League by losing home to Sevilla 1-2.
On Wednesday night, Salah had a bad night. By posting pictures of yourself with the champion cups.
It is implied that at least Reds are not falling apart.
Call it a night together. เว็บ แทง บอล Thyme This time Liverpool fans will be pleased.
The bruises on the weekend quite enough.


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