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безлимит подарков вк - Escomankag - 06-13-2018

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RE: безлимит подарков вк - jiranan78900 - 06-15-2018

Only need to get fit! The Bundesliga awaits iniesta again before the Chelsea duel.

[Изображение: 08121707-1.jpg]

sbothaiHernandez said: "We will have to wait for the midfielder Andres Iniesta.
Again, that will be able to face Chelsea in the Champions League this Wednesday? That said, it must be 100 percent ready.
Iniesta was injured in a game that Barcelona beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 at the start of the month.
This puts him in a random situation where he can not play. sbothai In the home program, Chelsea this Wednesday night.
Most recently, Balbrer has mentioned this. "He rehearsed the day before without any problem.
But we have to wait and see how he feels. sbothai Then he decided to follow his feelings.
We know it's a very important game. But it depends on the condition of the players. "
"I'm not sure if he can play or not. It's a game that you
Can not go down if the condition is not 100% ready. "
For the first leg of the game, Barcelona are always on the 1-1 draw, they have the advantage of the visitors.
 The Chelsea side. It is necessary to score goals. Otheฟrwise, it will be eliminated immediately, regardless of score.